Chapter 15, My Brother, A Dying Man

Posted on This passage is from Chapter 15. “We realized that we should say our goodbyes to my brother while there was still a chance that he might understand us. One day, I went for a visit at lunchtime and pulled my chair up close to my brother and just looked at him while he was lying peacefully in bed with that clean and comfortable appearance he always had after having received his morning care. His eyes were open, but fixed on some distant point in space.

Hendrina When the aide went in the kitchen to do some work, I started to talk to my brother about our childhood and our lives together as brothers. Then I leaned in real close and told him how much I loved him and that I would always love him. I am sure at that instant I saw a spark of recognition and approval in his eyes and I have held onto that spark to this day as one of the most precious moments I have every had with my brother.”

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