Chapter 15, My Brother, A Dying Man

Posted on Chapter 15, My Brother, A Dying Man, nears its sad and inevitable end.

how to buy Lyrica online After detailing our last few months with my brother, I describe this scene. “My brother passed away, we believed peacefully, during the night or in the early morning hours of June 27th. My father had stayed over that night and in the morning he was awakened by the aide. When he came down from his bedroom and saw my brother, he immediately called me and in a surprisingly calm voice told me to come over right away because my brother had died during the night. I threw on some clothes and drove the twenty miles to my brother’s house as fast as I could.

When I arrived, my father was now in a state of shock and was franticly moving around the room muttering about the arrangements that would need to be made for the wake and funeral. I stood at my brother’s bedside and concentrated on the serene look on his face, but as I came to focus on his now lifeless eyes I became overwhelmed with the finality of seeing him on what was now his death bed. I got my father’s attention, gave him a hug and simply said what we both knew, ‘Paul is gone.’”

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