Chapter 2: My Brother, A Brief Family History

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In Chapter 2, I talk about my Grandparents and delve briefly into my parents’ childhoods, then I make the case that we all are a product of not only our pasts but the history of our ancestors.

“The point is, like everyone else, my brother and I were a product of our collective past and we brought to bear on the events that were to take place all of the attributes and shortcomings passed on to us from our family. The life of a family is not a series of stops and starts between generations, but rather, a continuum where each generation forges a link to each successive generation. In many ways, the effects of nurture and nature are one in the same in that we not only inherit the collective genetics of our ancestors, but we are also influenced by the personality traits and idiosyncrasies passed on from generation to generation. My brother and I were a product of all that transpired in our family for many generations before the events of this story took place.

By going back to our roots there will be a better understanding of the formative years that shaped our troubled childhood and fashioned my relationship with my brother. We are all influenced by our past and we carry that baggage with us all of our lives. That certainly can be said of my brother and me in that our relationship was forged in the crucible of the conflicts that existed within our family. Those conflicts made us close by virtue of our shared experiences, but also created an irrevocable distance between us due to our different perspectives on those very same experiences.”

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