Chapter 2: My Brother, A Brief Family History

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The Video this Sunday is from Chapter 2: My Brother, A Brief Family History. It starts with some discussion about the impact our ancestors have on our lives. Chapter 2 starts with this passage.

“All of my grandparents came to America from impoverished regions of southern Italy and Sicily. They were poorly educated, unsophisticated, could not speak English, and struggled to make their way in their new country. This is hardly unique in that millions of people have immigrated to this country in similar circumstances from all over the world. What was of significance to me and to this story is that my grandparents brought with them not only their meager possessions but also the accumulation of all of the strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and flaws that were instilled in them from their respective pasts. They passed these attributes and limitations on to my parents who, in turn, created the environment that made my brother and me the adults we were to become. In some ways our destiny was formed and our fate was sealed long before we were even born.”

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