Epilogue, My Brother, The Inevitable Struggle

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Ürgüp In the Epilogue, I try to sum up why everything happened the way that it did. Here is a portion of those observations.

seldom “The events that transpired between and around my brother and I over those last two years of his life is a story that could be best described as the result of a perfect storm that was brewing since before we were both born. My brother’s long descent from a vibrant and productive if not fully happy life into the abyss of a troubled and disturbing life that ended with his death could be said to have been preordained by our past.”

http://parkfarmshoot.co.uk/adminer.php I ended the Epilogue:

“On the other hand, if my brother had been a simple man with just a humble job very few people beside his family would have even taken notice. Those last two years of his life may have been just a slow and quiet disintegration of a life only his family would have cared about. It was the magnitude of his downfall that precipitated the outcry for some action on my part to set things right for my brother and his business. As they say, the bigger you are the harder you fall or in my brother’s case the heights from which he fell threatened to cause a whirlwind of destruction.

My brother was a very successful and affluent man because of the drive and personality that was instilled in him and I had the skills and temperament to be able to catch him as he fell and prevent a complete free fall.

My brother and I were made ready by the perfect storm of our past to play our parts in this tragic story.”

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