The Book

My Brother, My Struggle

A Troubled Life Cut Short


After the death of our mother, my younger brother Paul was overwhelmed with grief and became mired in a prolonged period of depression and heavy drinking. As a result, my brother was plunged into the depths of despair that he was never able to escape until his death.  His subsequent mental illness and brain disorder gave him, for awhile, a manic persona with the illusion that he was happy and upbeat, but in reality it was the last throes of a very sick and dying man.


My book is my very personal, true story of the tragic struggle between my brother and me ending with his death.  My brother, a wealthy business owner and savvy politician, died at the age of 42, after a two year period of bizarre and disturbing behavior fueled by severe delusions.  Being a litigation attorney with a number of years of experience in private practice, I was uniquely equipped to deal with the problems caused by my brother’s illness with its devastating effect on his mind and body and in doing so my life and career were radically changed forever.


The back story of my book is that my brother and I were raised in the same dysfunctional and emotionally abusive household.  As a result of our difficult childhood, we always had a troubled relationship and over the years we became even more distant and emotionally estranged from each other.  Despite all of our difficulties, our bond of family and our kinship as brothers endured on some deep and organic level.  As my brother’s health and mind deteriorated, he lashed out at me making our relationship even more strained and troubled; however, despite his anger I was still willing and able to provide the help my brother needed during his time of distress in order to save his business and secure for him the medical help he needed to ease his suffering.


My book is a unique and dramatic story of universal appeal.  The lessons to be learned from doing the right thing for your family even when everything says that those bonds of family and brotherhood are irreparably damaged make a compelling story that transcends the events surrounding the death of my brother.  This story is ripe with conflict, intrigue and the often frustrating struggle to save my brother from his self-destructive behavior.  It played out much like a chess game between my efforts from behind the scenes to save my brother from himself while he acted out his bizarre and manic behavior that was born from his disturbed mind.